As of 06 December 2006, this project has been suspended because despite several attempts we are unable to trace the notebooks anymore. Our deepest regrets.


We are happy to announce
the re-launching of the "Wandering Moleskine Project II" @ Moleskinerie.
Several notebooks will be sent on their way from various points around the
world, and scans of pages will be posted as they are filled.

To join, please email your
name and postal address to Joy Rothke [jrothke AT gmail DOT com]. Names will be
added in the order they are received.


-Participants are entitled
to use one page of each notebook and to send it on to the next recipient
within one week of receiving it.  An official routing list will be  posted  and regularly updated to indicate the origin, current location and next destination of each notebook.

-When you are ready to mail
your notebook to the next recipient, contact Joy for their postal address. Please
use Air Mail or US First Class mail or your country’s equivalent.  This is
not an expensive service, and it will not only deliver the notebook to its next
recipient faster, it will help to safeguard the notebook from getting lost in
bins of Parcel Post or Media Mail packages that can take weeks or more to
arrive. To protect the notebooks from inclement weather, please mail seal them
in the waterproof bags in which they were sent.

-You are free to write/draw
whatever you desire, provided your entry does not deface or alter the notebook
or others’ entries.

-Remember, this project is
for posterity’s sake, and the notebook has to survive through multiple treks
across the globe.  Please refrain from excessive gluing, and please use
acid-free/archival-safe materials when possible.

-Please scan your entry (300 DPI) and
to send it to moleskinerie AT gmail DOT com (Subject: WMP SCAN) prior to
mailing the notebook to the next recipient.  Local and university
libraries, copy shops and some post offices have scanners that can be used for
free or for a nominal cost.

– Moleskinerie reserves the
right NOT post scans it deems racist, pornographic and generally offensive or potentially

-The final recipient of
each notebook agrees to send it back to Moleskinerie at the address provided.

Privacy notice:

All names and addresses
will be kept confidential and will be used solely for this project.
Participants have the option of using their real or fictitious name in their

By participating in this
project, recipients agree to give Moleskinerie the right to permanently archive
their works/contents of the notebooks online.

The first notebook will be released on May 1, 2006. Thanks to  Pam Beard and an anonymous donor from Canada.

For queries and suggestions, email us.




The first batch of notebooks for the Wandering Moleskine Project (WMP2)

The list will be closed as of today, 30 July 2006. It will be reopened at a future date.

As of 06 December 2006, this project has been suspended because
despite several attempts we are unable to trace the notebooks anymore. Our deepest regrets.


  1. I’m not going to sign up this time.

    I was excited about the original Wandering Moleskine project and signed up with Joy…never to hear a peep. Meanwhile, the notebooks went AWOL. Fruitless, disappointing, nugatory – call it what you will, I’m no glad I hadn’t gotten my turn with a notebook only to have my work vanish.

    What is it that made me want to participate? I wanted to peek at what other people were doing and add a little “show and tell” of my own. Heck, I can do both of those things without waiting for a public notebook or shelling out postage should one arrive (in 2018, perhaps?)…

    I’ll gladly look at the notebook images of others, I’ll even scan my notebook and post it somewhere, perhaps, but I’ve given up on this snailmail endeavor.

  2. OHH! I am excited, While I was too late for the previous one. I signed up this morning as soon as I saw the post. I hope to not be one of the first to get one. (I know, I know, SOMEONE has to be first). But I’d really like to get one that has a few entries in it. To get a real feel for what others have done. To feel their energies and see their markings and prints all over the book.


  3. My dear Alia,

    Thank you for your usual succinct comments. They keep me on my toes knowing that our little blog is frequented for the most part by the best, the brightest , the impassioned and the sensitive.

    I regret that you have decided to forgo participation in this project. We will miss your creative input. WMP1 is gone and valuable lessons have been learned from it. This does not assure us that WMP2 will be a roaring, scan-deluged, perfectly tracked, not-a-notebook-missing success but we are willing to try again. Life (and the Wandering Moleskine Project) will go on; albeit in starts and stops. Just as Joy and myself have gone on to maintain this blog despite grave illness in our families, cross-continent moves, hunger, near-homelessness and desperation.

    I hope you and the rest of our beloved visitors realize that in the end this is still very much a personal endeavor subject to the insanities of daily life. I started Moleskinerie as a hobby and will maintain it for as long as it gives me pleasure and fulfillment. Once it ceases to do so rest assured I will make my exit.


    Armand B. Frasco

  4. I am thrilled to see WMP2! I made it on the WMP2 list, but never received a book. Hopefully I’m not too far down the list this time, and everyone will keep things moving along. I know I will. Can’t wait to see the entries!

  5. I want to participate, but at the same time I’m worried that I’d get the notebook, see the brilliant pages/people before me, feel insanely inadequate, and not have a thing to write down. *sigh*

    I really have no idea what I’d write or contribute. I doubt anyone would be interested in what I have to say (“oh boy, I had coffee and walked my dogs this morning…”).

  6. Armand,

    I was intrigued by the original idea of the WMP, but how the experiment ended dampened my enthusiasm for round 2, and that’s what I was commenting on, above. I’m very sorry if you saw it as an attack on you or all the work you put into the Moleskinerie site. I know this is a personal project for you, and, wow, the results are fantastic. Obviously, I enjoy your site, or I wouldn’t habitually visit.

    (No, I have no idea how WMP could’ve been done better. I’m delighted you have a new plan of attack for round 2, and wish you and all the participants the best of luck.)

  7. I was an early participant in WMP 1 and enjoyed the experience. Please add me to the list for the WMP 2!

    Be well…..

  8. To clarify, the WMP 2 list is an entirely new list. No names will be carried over from the previous list. If you want to participate, I need your name and postal address.

  9. Um, I sent in my address and info a while back before the list was open and I believe you said that it would still be valid. Should I send in my address again?

  10. Hi Joy and Armand

    I’d certainly love to be involved again. I was lucky enough to be chosen last time and started the first page of No. 18. Unfortunately after mailing it on to my next contact in Melbourne, Australia, it disappeared and shortly after that the project finished. It’s a wonderful concept and I hope Version 2 works well.

    Paul H., Brisbane, Australia.

  11. Joy & Armand — if you’re Ok with people participating from the first group, I’d love to add a sketchtoon to one of those books (if it’s not too late to be added). Let me know if you have my address from last time or need it sent again.

  12. Hi: Is there any chance I might participate on this project? I lived in Santiago de Chile, South America and a Moleskine fan since last year. Please let me know as soon as you can. Best regards.

  13. I am thrilled to be part of this. Hope that one of those little black journals makes its way to Russia 🙂 Good luck everyone!

  14. Hi Armand its been a while since I’ve visited but I echo Alia’s comments. I’ve been with you nearly since your inception and have twice tried to get the books my way to no avail. I see Paul said he sent a book to Melbourne, not to me unfortunately! I would still love to participate as this is truly a virtual family! Love ya, Lise :^)

  15. Its all good. We’re tracking the notebooks as closely as we can this time but as I’ve said, there are no guarantees. Please write Joy to be included in the current list.

  16. I am quite interested in this project. I first came across Moleskin when I joined a Book Crossing book ring. The book is registered on the main BC site and then is journaled when it is posted to the next on the list, when they have written in the Moleskin and when it is posted to the next person. The moleskin journal that I took part in is still traveling and I always look forward to these. If you want to read more about the Moleskin Journal book ring the details are here

    I’ve emailed my details and hope that I too can join in.

  17. Are these books still travelling around (and the lack of new pictures/updates to the routing list jsut due to lack of time/scans) or have they all vanished again? (That would be sad.)

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