Write a Priceless® Ad


Here it is – your chance to write a MasterCard Priceless commercial that
could be seen by millions of people, nationwide.

Write a Priceless® Ad


3 thoughts on “Write a Priceless® Ad

  1. bummer the contest is over—if you decide to revise, I have one for you.

    books for your classroom—150.00
    math materials—45.00
    chemicals for science experimants—78.00

    inspiring a love of learning—priceless

    from a teacher of course

  2. Having a girl friend

    Valentimes day: $45

    A romantic dinner: $90

    Cell phone bill: $175

    Being single and watching your friend going slowly bankrupt PRICELESS

    for other things theres mastercard

  3. Playing Softball

    Brand New Bat: $250

    New Pair Of Cleats: $90

    Travel Ball Fees: $100/mo

    Making The Play Of The Game and Hitting The Game Winning Hit: Priceless

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