Become a Guerrilla Screenwriter

Gsw" Here are the rules:

1) Get the Guerrilla Screenwriting Philosophy. Tune
in to writing, turn on to Guerrilla Screenwriting, and drop out of the normal,
conscious world. Keep your script in your mind at all times. No, really, AT ALL
TIMES. You’ll miss turns on the highway, songs on the radio, boring church
sermons (thank God), office banter, and whole portions of movies and TV shows as
you think about your script. You will learn to nod your head at the appropriate
times when humans are talking to you.

2) Write in your mind first.
Writing is a mind function not a keystroke function.

3) Train your ears
to be triggered by keywords like “fire” and “let’s fuck” so you can tune back in
to the earthly world when necessary.

4) Download Celtx screenwriting
program to every computer you use or even walk past. Guerrilla Screenwriters
don’t use Celtx because it is the best screenwriting program, they use it
because it is free and they can get it anywhere.

5) Sign up for a Gmail
account. When you save your script, always email a copy to your yourself. You
can then open your script anywhere and work on it with Celtx.

6) Purchase
a Moleskine notebook. Worked for Hemingway until he blew his brains out. Perfect
for when you are offline…"

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