A Little Notebook Goes a Long Way

" I have my unobtrusive notebook where   I can jot notes and record to-do items. A to-do item in my notebook gets an   empty check box placed next to it and when I have my laptop out again I add   these items to my excel spreadsheet and cross them out. The Moleskine works well for several reasons.

   1. It’s the right size. I can slip it in a jacket pocket or the back pocket of a pair of pants and take it with me anywhere. I’ll often bring it to lunch where I can take notes much easier than if I had  brought along a full size leather portfolio.
   2. It’s professional. At $10 these aren’t cheap but I have no problem pulling one out in front of CEO’s or other potential clients. In fact, I often get asked where they can purchase one for themselves.
   3. It’s durable. The hardbound cover, cloth marker and elastic strap take a lot of abuse without showing much wear.
   4. It’s easy to write in. Having a hard bound notebook makes all the difference when you’re trying to scribble notes in your lap while having coffee at a table the size of a dinner plate.

As a general rule it’s always good to have a pen and paper at hand. For me the Moleskine has been a good little tool for capturing important information in almost any setting."

Joey Brannon
Visit his blog, "Your CPA said what?"