Ben Saunders in Greenland


"The process of getting text and photos from our little tent on the Greenland icecap to your computer screen involves a fair amount of technological jiggery-pokery and a healthy dose of crossed fingers, but the basic routine looks something like this:

1) Write blog post – I do this on an HP iPAQ (a PDA, or palm-top computer – the kind of thing you write on with a stylus). I write it in the ‘pocket’ version of Word, and then paste it into…

2) WordPress! – WordPress is a free CMS, or Content Management System. It’s hugely popular, and like many people, I use it to power my blog. Damien du Toit hacked together a static html page for us last year, so we can compose entries offline before dialing up. But before we do that, we need to…"

Arctic Geeks
By Ben Saunders
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I’m almost sure there’s a Moleskine in there somewhere, just in case;)