BookExpo America : ” Like honey to the bees”

Here’s one of the first blog posts out of the BookExpo America show in Washington, D.C.


"I am kind of a freak about my notebook.  I carry around a pocket
size lined moleskine everywhere I go.  And I do mean everywhere.  I
take it with me when I travel, to work, to lectures and events around
the city, basically anywhere I might need to write down an idea.  Any
idea.  My notebook, or my "Black Betty", and I are tight.  We are like
peas and carrots.  We are so tight that our relationship has spawned
two more versions of the notebook that I carry around all the time, the
pocket calendar for appointments, and the info book.  The info book is
divided into sections, like food and housing, and is designed for
travelers.  However, I don’t use it that way. I just like the divided
sections so I can keep lists, like books I want to read, or movies I
need to Netflix.  Basically, the important stuff.  I was also delighted
to learn recently that my sister carries around the unlined pocket
notebook in her purse.  I never knew she was this cool.

Well wasn’t I the happiest little clam in the whole wide world
today when I got to see the new prototype of the Moleskine city
notebooks at the Book Expo America.  I know that my awesomeness is
oozing out of your computer as you read this.  The city notebooks are a
little bit thicker than the pocket notebooks, but contain all sorts of
goodies for the traveler who likes to keep a journal, or take notes
about their adventures.  The version on display was of Paris, one my
favorite cities, so my expectations were big people, big.  The first
few pages were conversion charts and a fold out metro map.  Then they
placed multi colored maps of the city inside, which were actually quite
detailed and well done.  Of course there were empty pages to write on
and tabs to keep track of your favorite restaurants, or food you
tried.  My favorite part was the translucent sheets you could place on
the maps Bex_2so you can write on the map, without actually writing on the
map.  These notebooks would never replace a guide book, but they do
make sense if you want to take home a complete memoir of your trip in a
single, compact form.  You can also carry them around a city without
them screaming to everyone around that you are a tourist. Bottom line,
I want one.  And then I want someone to send be back to Paris so that I
can break it in.  Anyone…anyone…"

Visit her blog, "Number 4 of 5"

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