City Notebook DIY!?


"On my recent trip to NYC. I took the liberty of making my own ‘city
notebook’ previous to the release of the new ‘city notebooks’ that are
featured on the site right now. I find it amusing that everything that
is featured in the new city notebook is currently my common practice
for travel notebooks,down to the translucent paper to and DIY labels
for personalising. I have included some pictures of the notebook as
well as some of the contents. I lifted some interesting techinques from
a travel journal I saw at a museum gift shop once. Stuff like vital
information, travel compaion "in case of emergency" phone number pages
as well as places to document photo records and spendature of cash. I
stuffed anything that would fit inside it with the help of some scotch
tape (25 cents at a drugstore). By the end of the trip, the M was
busting with memories, grease stains from NY Pizza and burgers, ticket
stubs and journal entries to entertainment 10 years from now. I picked
up some neat ‘X’ rubber bands at the MOMA which held it all together
near the end of the trip."


"So in an effort to be cheeky, I named this trip (which was
primarily a design research trip) "Won’t Cause Cavities: Big Apple NYC
2006". I stenciled and spray painted the front of the M to mimic the
graffiti I was bound to see…"

Eric Au
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Greetings to our friends in Lincoln, NE., Brentwood Bay, As Sayyidah
Zaynab, Parma, Lusaka, Damansara, Harrow, Seevetal, Welfareville,
Bucuresti, Lakemba, Toyonaka, Cape Town, Belgrade, Meriden, CN,
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3 thoughts on “City Notebook DIY!?

  1. What a surprise to see in the last image the Cerveza Aguila logo on the Moleskine.

    It feels reconfortable to see people get attention to it.

    Do you like that beer? did you try Club Colombia ones? Or where did you find it?

  2. I found the beer in the Latin Quarter on Rosevelt. It was a traditional mexican restaurant, the best thing about that meal was that we were the only non-latin individuals in the house!

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