Desert Diaries

The latest entry in our logbook:


"greetings from hurghada, egypt.

have been in love with moleskines since i saw them a year ago… then the thought struck me – create a 5 year journal. off i went on my last shopping trip to germany and bought a pocket
sized unruled notebook (10 euros at globetrotter in cologne !!) a faber
castel 0.35 TK-FINE 9713-pencil, 1 squared pocket journal and a big
black paper clip MAUL 21441, oh and a filofax pocket today marker… 😉
having seen a five year journal, i figured that is what i wanted from a
pocket moleskine. 192 pages are ideal for a two days per page diary…) the blank moleskine pages i numbered, leaving 2 pages in the front empty. so i started out with a two days per page setup. top margin, side
margin – and each day vertically halfed into two, one half for
appointments and one for to dos top and horizontal middle margin is used for the date of each
respective day, like may 1, may 2, may 3 etc next to it birthdays
etc…the side column is used for mo 2006, tu 2006 etc etc  the vertical middle margin for ticking off items, exclamation marks, etc…

oh gawd, i am getting confusing, am i not ? when the day is
finished, i draw a line underneath it, not before writing down THE
EVENT OF THE DAY, which will make me remember it. i proceed to the next
day (i.e. the bottom half of the page) and so on. it is my aim to turn
this into a 5 year calendar, allowing me in two three years down the
road, when i return to the pages written on the years before to
never to carry over birthdays anymore – they are there for 5 years –
okay one needs to write microscopically small, but my eyesight is still
there and a 0.35 pencil works wonders…

the cahier i split in two halves- front half i alphabetized for
addresses. (actually only tel, mobile and e-mail) one line per
contact… who needs addresses these days :-))

then i flipped it around and alphabetized it again for SEE READ LISTEN, my evergrowing book, cd and movie list. this leaves a few pages free in the middle which i use for my form of
consumerism, my personal wish list of items i see and sure would want
one day… the top corner of the journal’s cover i adorn with a black
and.. flip it over the other side a white sticker coming with the
moleskine. putting the jounal behind my 5 year journal and using the
big paperclip to keep them together and i have my life in a small handy