Featured Artist: Derek Chatwood



I stumbled upon my first Moleskine sketchbook sometime in 2003, at a
high-end paper/writing boutique called “The Paperhaus” in downtown
Seattle. The pocket sketchbook, 3.5×5.5 inches of perfect compact
coolness. The Japanese fold-out style caught me right away. Not only
were there no broken seams to draw over, once I filled a book I could
unfold the whole thing into one continuous drawing stream. I had no
practical purpose for doing so, but like I said: coolness.

Silence and solitude are kind of my enemies, I can’t draw unless I’m
surrounded by people and noise. I’m sure it’s a medical condition, but
that’s the way it is. So now I use the large Moleskine sketchbook,
almost always drawing across the fold for 10×8 inches of space. My
subject matter comes from the noisy world around me, normal people
doing strange things, or the reverse. I’m heavily influenced by comic
book and pop art, but I still try to ground my work with a sense of
humanity and realism.

I work with Sigma art pens, usually the almost invisible .005mm and the
thicker .5mm. Lately I’ve been experimenting with pencil finishing,
using a .3mm mechanical pencil. I scan the work into the computer, and
do the clean-up and color painting with Photoshop. I don’t know what
I’m going to do with the artworks. I don’t know if it matters. Thanks
to always having a Moleskine on me, I’m doing detail and styles that I
couldn’t even attempt a year ago. I’m teaching myself new things almost
every day, and learning even more by complete accident. I’m very
curious what I’ll be able to do a year from now.

Derek Chatwood
Seattle, WA

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The notebooks are on their way to Malaysia, Brazil, The Netherlands, Virginia and Georgia. Routing list will be out on Monday.Visit the WMP2 page for updates.


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