Go ahead, its OK to use your Moleskine!


"… for all those  who are afraid to "marr up" their Moleskines with their
ideas.  There are so many terrific artists featured on this site that I
sometimes think I have to work up to their standard in order to use the
notebooks. And that’s not going to happen, because although my work is deeply
creative, I’m not an artist."


"I am an assistant professor with the tenure
clock running. While I use virtually every type of Moleskine notebook, I really
enjoy using the storyboard book to connect images with more abstract ideas. For
example, these storyboards reflect my attempt to try to to think through a bunch
of tiny details in building up a set of models to estimate how much  residents
in each income category pay in sales taxes in Orange County, California.   For
some reason, I find even the silly drawings very helpful. It’s  as though moving
back and forth between my left and my right brain makes the work go much
better.  Besides, I like drawing headless stick figures."

Lisa @ The
Paper Chase
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2 thoughts on “Go ahead, its OK to use your Moleskine!

  1. Thanks so much for posting this link. I too have been feeling I’m not creative enough to use my moleskine. But just yesterday I was re-reading Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain and I saw I had forgotten one of the most important things, which is that the drawing is not the point. The point is the looking that you have to do in order to draw. (And I would add “or write poems or paint in watercolor or sew a quilt or…”.) So the notebook is like the record of my observation. If it looks nice, that’s a plus, but it’s not really the point.

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