I Became an Aunt Today


"I became an aunt today! This entire day was very surreal. I woke up
early for work this morning and my day started out as usual, but things
quickly changed after I found out that my only sister was in labor.
Hannah Grace was born at 2:50pm today, and both her and her mommy are
beautiful and healthy. It was amazing and I’m so glad that I got to be
a part of this special day. I was also thrilled when I remembered that
I always keep at least one Moleskine in my bag, because it came in
handy today… I was able to get the baby’s footprint in my journal, as
well as a Polaroid of me holding her! That’s something I’ll be able to
cherish forever now."

Shanon Parnell

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5 thoughts on “I Became an Aunt Today

  1. Thanks so much, everyone. I’m going to visit them again today after work. 🙂

    And thanks for posting this, Armand… sorry to get you all farklempt! haha

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