Levis Moleskine

Yup, NOTCOT has pics to prove it:


"At my friend’s place in Boras, Sweden – i moved something on his desk, and noticed what at first was your usual Moleskine journal – BUT – on the front (much like the logo on back) it says ONE IN 501(c). And on the inside cover there was a Levis 501 little blurb – as well as an additional pamphlet on the history of the collection…"


[Thanks JH!]

2 thoughts on “Levis Moleskine

  1. Hej! I live in Borås as well…nice to know there are fellow Moleskine users around. I bought my 1st one in Göteborg, Sweden last summer and think they’re great.
    Unfortunately I haven’t used mine all that much but found they make great presents! Tell your friend I say hello & I dig the “501”.


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