Mark’s Moleskine

A reader sent this link to an older but still readable post by BoingBoing co-founder (and Moleskinerie "Network-er") Mark Frauenfelder:

Mbu"A couple of years ago my friend David gave me a Moleskine notebook as a gift.
It was from Italy and had a black cloth binding and thick paper. It was so
beautiful I was afraid to write in it. I didn’t think my notes and sketches were
worthy to go into it.

After a couple of weeks, I decided to go ahead and just start using it. And I
became hooked. The pocket sized version cost around $12 and lasted several
months. It was silly not to use it as my regular note taking book.

The books are also very rugged. Last week, I left one of my Moleskines
outside for a week. The sprinkers hit it every day. It was waterlogged when I
found it. The pages with ink pen note were kind of smeared, but still legible.
The penciled notes were fine. I fanned the book open and left it to dry in the
100-degree heat of our porch for a few days. The pages are kind of warped,
making it look swollen, but the cover and binding are in excellent shape. I like
it even better this way — less precious looking…"

Mad Professor