Jessica Zafra: The Cure

One of the Philippines’ most popular authors succumb to Moleskine love and sends a terse missive:


"I write longhand because it makes me feel connected to the words. Plus I have
freakishly regular penmanship, like a computer font. On every trip I used to
blow my funds on leatherbound journals–my deathless prose needed a suitable
container, plus even if the writing sucked the paper looked beautiful. I was
spending way too much on notebooks, and it wasn’t worth what I was producing (I
know of a great book that was written partly on spiral notebooks with Judy Ann
Santos on the cover). Last year Jay-Lo gave me my first Moleskine notebook
(which is not actually made of the skin of moles I think) and I was cured.
Moleskines are pocket-sized with very thin paper that soaks up ink (Pilot VBall
Extra Fine or the V5 series are best, and National Bookstore now carries
disposable fountain pens) very nicely, and there’s the added romance (could be
spin, but it helps) of its having been the carnet of Hemingway, Picasso, Bruce
Chatwin, etc. Still more expensive than spiral newsprint notebooks, but I can
now go into a shop in Firenze, world capital of leatherbound journals, without
having a seizure. If the Moleskine people are reading this, JE VOUDRAIS SOME

Jessica Zafra
Visit her blog, "Twisted"


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