Moleskine arrives at Beijing



“I have been waiting for Moleskine in China for more than one and a half year!” one of Moleskine fans said, believe it or not! But now he can sigh a light relief! From early May 2006, he and all Chinese people can find Moleskine notebook in a local lifestyle store called emo+ in Beijing. And emo+, a design-oriented store gathering worldwide famous living brands such as Alessi, Kartell, Tonfisk, Mathmos, Artecnic, Suck UK, lomography, etc., has become the first and the only Moleskine notebook retailer in Beijing. And all fans can find their beloved Moleskine collections in emo+. Also, people can buy Moleskine notebooks online via their dynamic website: And we believe that, from now on, the legendary story of Moleskine will be continued in China!

Arnault Castel
Working Unit Ltd., H.K.



Hello to Victor Hsu ("徐司晨") from Shanghai and all the Moleskine fans in China

6 thoughts on “Moleskine arrives at Beijing

  1. Very thankful of Moleskinerie’s report of China’s moleskine news and the link to the excellent store of emo+ and It’s our honor.

    There’s a misunderstanding in your site’s “Mostly Moleskine” link of Though I am located in Shanghai, the site is for any lover of Moleskine in China. So would you please to use the pattern of “, in Chinese” just like other site you linked?

    Thanks a lot again for your report and your great Website 🙂

    Best regards,
    Victor Hsu

  2. Does this mean that moleskine will finally have a city book of asian cities like shanghai and beijieng?

  3. Moleskin did come out with city guide book for Beijing! I’ll be making the trek out to emo+ in hopes of finding it.

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