Moleskine Watercolor Notebook Tests


"I purchased a couple of the new Moleskine watercolor notebooks today to try them out.  I found them at Dick Blick Art Supply.

This is the first sketch and my first impression was that I didn’t like the paper. 

It seemed to make the paint aggregate into a grainy consistency;
just like the thinner paper in the original Moleskine journal books.

It was particularly problematic with the red pigment. But the paper
reacted that way with all the pigments.  It was most prevalent when the
pigment load was saturated.  Light washes were not a problem.

So, before I officially decide to use them or lose them, I’ll perform further tests over the weekend and post them here.

So far, I’ve not found a better thin paper for watercolor sketching than Arches Text Wove.

The Moleskine watercolor paper seems to need more sizing for watercolor to react properly.

But still, it’s a far cry better than the Moleskine sketchbook paper.  It was totally unsuited to watercolor."


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2 thoughts on “Moleskine Watercolor Notebook Tests

  1. Interesting test. I personally love the sketchbook Moleskines for watercolor! Adding just a teeny drop of dish soap to my water-filled pen-brush makes the watercolor flow on so easy. Love how it looks. Not sure I even want to go try the new ones.

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