Numbering the Moleskines?


theprint asked:

" I love my ‘skines. But I am looking for a good way to put them in order as I
fill them up. It’s easy enough to identify the order in which they were used, as
soon as I open them, but it’d be even cooler, if there was some fantastic way of
giving them a unique exterior.

My question is: What do you do?

hisprincess says:
"put cool number stickers on the spines…

blowout says:
"i’ve either used a label maker or permanent
stickers. i’ve never done it on a moleskine, but i personally love engraving. i
use this and it works pretty well."

maliags says:
"im a big fan of
putting a large fun non-related sticker on the face of the cover. it helps me to
separate them just by looking at the cover and it dresses it up in a fun way."

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