Operation Red Jericho


"An astonishing high-seas adventure set in the 1920s, Operation Red Jericho uses a remarkable archive of full colour documents to tell its extraordinary tale. With maps, diagrams, sketches, photographs, four gatefolds and an elasticated moleskin-style binding, Operation Red Jericho, takes storytelling into a whole new realm.

The Sunday Times described it as "not just an adventure story … [but] a designer object," The Ultimate Book Guide called it "a thing of beauty," and The Mail on Sunday deemed it "a multimedia extravaganza.

The sequel to Operation Red Jericho, Operation Typhoon Shore, replete with colour foldouts, maps, elasticated notebook binding and a leather-feel finish, is published on 2 October 2006."


[Thalia via Moleskinerie/GoogleGroups]

4 thoughts on “Operation Red Jericho

  1. I’m thrilled by the idea of “Operation Red Jericho”… This has all the allure of Nick Bantock and Barbara Hodgson… I love books based on documents as objects. I’m vur’ much planning on acquiring this as soon as I can…

  2. Operation Red jericho was a delight to read. when I first saw it, like my first moleskine, i thought to myself, “I have got to get that.” (shameless impulse buyer, I know).

    Can’t wait till Typhoon Shore. Thanks for telling me when it’s out and what it looks like!

  3. The book was really great, along with its sequel Typhoon Shores. When can we expect book 3 of the series? My 8 year old son has enjoyed them immensely. He could hardly put them down!

    Hope to see the next book soon.

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