Original manuscript letters of John Muir, 1861-1914


These 30 letters, totaling more than 100 pages, were written by Muir to
five correspondents. Twenty are to his old friend Emily Pelton, with
whose family he boarded in Prairie du Chien in 1860-61, or to her aunt
Frances. Throughout all his travels and wilderness ramblings over the
next 50 years he kept in touch with Emily, in later years writing an
annual New Year’s summary of his activities and circumstances. She
moved to California in 1871, visited him in Yosemite in 1873, and from
her home in December 1874 he went out to ride through a hurricane in
the top of a Douglas spruce, an event memorialized in one of his most
famous essays. Note that three letters to Emily Pelton dated in July of
1863 were actually written in February 1864 but intentionally pre-dated.

Original manuscript letters of John Muir, 1861-1914
The Wisconsin Historical Society


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