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How I use my Moleskine… and how not to use a Moleskine

"Just checking out your site after picking up my second moleskine today in Los Angeles, California.   I thought I would send you some photos of how I’ve used my moleskine to help me rescue my dying servers.  It isn’t exactly … Continue reading

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“I Confess: One Theme, 30 Writers, a Trend”

CHICK lit. True crime. Diet books. Recovery memoirs. Books about Britney. The publishing industry is a staunch believer in the principle that too much is never enough. The latest genre to flood the shelves in possibly excessive numbers, you may … Continue reading

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A Garden Evening

What better way to begin another week than with a peek at these glorious drawings: " These days, with the ultra-nice weather, I literally RACE home to find something to draw. This evening, it was all about gardening. First I … Continue reading

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Tim Baynes: DUBLIN

Celtic CoolMarch 2004 A city on a river, the Liffey, with Georgian and Victorian streets running up and down and across the city. Energy is everywhere from young people and the influence of university life. The University of Dublin, Trinity … Continue reading

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Important Notice on eBay Seller

It has come to my attention that there is a seller on eBay with a similar name to our blog. I want to remind our readers that this individual/business entity, "moleskinerie" WAS/ IS NOT ASSOCIATED with in any way. … Continue reading

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Mike Rohde’s Custom Moleskine Planner

"This is my customized Moleskine planner, made from a standard pocket Moleskine (ruled) to resemble the format of a Moleskine Weekly Planner. I created this planner, because Moleskine 2006 Weekly Planners are hard to find and expensive. But beyond cost … Continue reading

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Peking to Paris

"ABC TV here in Australia is running a documentary series following a group of Australians  who are attempting to re-create the fabled Peking to Paris car race of 1906.  The thing of it is, they are trying to do so … Continue reading

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Paris Breakfasts

Theo just discovered this lovely blog: "Miller says, "Another factor which influences the visibility of lustre or sheen is the curvature of the surface from which it is reflected. Highlights which are thrown off from sharply angled surfaces come and … Continue reading

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Cadence of Seasons

Not done yet but this looks very promising. And its free! "Cadence of Seasons"By Dave Werner LINK [Thanks JC]

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Ben Saunders in Greenland

"The process of getting text and photos from our little tent on the Greenland icecap to your computer screen involves a fair amount of technological jiggery-pokery and a healthy dose of crossed fingers, but the basic routine looks something like … Continue reading

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