New Departures for Moleskine

On the back wall is an appealing quote that can be paraphrased as, "the best guide you’ll ever have is the one you’ll write yourself." This afternoon at Book Expo America (BEA) an annual conference for publishing industry professionals — ... Read More


Man at The Orthodontist and Iris

"Man at the Orthodontist, sounds like it could be the title of a Hitchcock movie LOL! I’m not very confident when it comes to sketching people, and though it’s a bit nerve wracking I’m going to continue doing them IN... Read More


AFK*: “Rotofugi”

Went to positively one of the coolest toy stores around on Sunday: Rotofugi Designer Toy Store & Gallery1953 W. Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL., U.S.A. rotofugi.comView a larger image @ FLICKR Attention Moleskine accessory crafters! Potential "pet" project here;) *Away From... Read More


Featured Artist: Christian J. Olsen

"I only bought my first moleskine this year but I am already hooked. The paper has an amazing quality to it…I love the way that through using the solvent transfer process the images from the previous pages show through and... Read More


BookExpo America : ” Like honey to the bees”

Here’s one of the first blog posts out of the BookExpo America show in Washington, D.C. "I am kind of a freak about my notebook.  I carry around a pocket size lined moleskine everywhere I go.  And I do mean... Read More


On a clear day you can see Mt. Everest

Well, this apparently wasn’t one of those days. My friend Lindo sent more AIRBUS 320 cockpit photos from India: "Everest is just above the the right corner of the moleskine. Just next to the upper right corner of the photo.... Read More


Original manuscript letters of John Muir, 1861-1914

These 30 letters, totaling more than 100 pages, were written by Muir to five correspondents. Twenty are to his old friend Emily Pelton, with whose family he boarded in Prairie du Chien in 1860-61, or to her aunt Frances. Throughout... Read More


Moleskine in Da Vinci Code?

© 2006 Sony Pictures Digital Inc. All Rights Reserved "This may be old news …. but things take a while to reach us down under! Saw The Davinci Code this evening. In the opening scenes, Tom Hanks isshown making a... Read More


Moleskine arrives at Beijing

“I have been waiting for Moleskine in China for more than one and a half year!” one of Moleskine fans said, believe it or not! But now he can sigh a light relief! From early May 2006, he and all... Read More


Dinner in India

"Dinner in India"By Capt. Rizalindo Gigante, Bangalore MEAL MOLES, the new Moleskinerie FLICKR group. JOIN... Read More