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"ABC TV here in Australia is running a documentary series following a
group of Australians  who are attempting to re-create the
fabled Peking to Paris car race of 1906.  The thing of it is, they are trying
to do so with cars from 1906 as well.

One of the main organisers, Warren
Brown, is a cartoonist for  the Sydney "Daily Telegraph". On a couple of
occasions Brown is shown drawing caricatures of the locals they meet on their
travels. It looks suspiciously like a moleskine to me.  But I can’t find screen
shots to confirm the sighting.

I suspect the program will find its way onto the Discovery channel at
some point.  It’s actually pretty interesting.

By the way, I really enjoy the work you’re doing with your blog.  A
great example of how the web offers so much more than the mainstream media. 
Keep it up."
Perry Middlemiss

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Anybody in Oz who can send us a screengrab of "The Notebook"?

Update 5.28.06 from Perry:

After never seeing any Moleskines on Australian television before,
I now find two in a week.  After last week’s "Peking to Paris"
documentary an episode of a new hourly drama series was shown on
ABC TV here on Saturday night.  The program is titled "Rocket Man"
and features Robson Green as a widower obsessed with rockets who is
attempting to shoot his wife’s ashes in space, or, at least, as high
as he can get them.  Evident quite often is a Moleskine Classic Pocket
Notebook with Squared Pages in which Green’s character writes up his
rocket designs and notes.

Relevant websites:

Again, no screen shots.  Sorry about that.

And just for interest, from an Australian perspective, have a look at
the "moleskins" at:

Oddly enough, Neil Gaiman is a big fan of their black denim jeans

Funny the connections we make. 

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  1. I don’t have a screen shot, but it definitely looks like a moleskine to me, the few bits of the series I have watched.

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