REMO General Store


"REMO was launched in Sydney Australia in 1988 as a General Store with a mission to seek out and celebrate Quality & Passion in people and merchandise gathered together from all over the world. From the shelves of that original General Store and the minds of its many CustOMERs sprang a thoughtful, high quality and unique brand of general merchandise."


Has anybody been to this store? It looks pretty cool.

REMO General Store


P.S. Remo is currently no. 7 on Lovemarks. Moleskine is #10. The Top 200 list is here.

4 thoughts on “REMO General Store

  1. I’ll level with you, my wife and I are personal friends of Melanie & Remo. We made a jewellery product for the old store (baby in the bath) Barbara made their bonding and wedding rings. We followed the family’s exploits around the world after the first store was sabotaged and they wandered in the wilderness. We love Remo’s personal touch and his new screen-based reach into people’s living and working rooms. Mrs Remo gave up her day job to become the damdest best warehouse madam. The kids are old enough to cut their own lunches now. We watch with delight as the virtual and annex stores grow as word-of-mouth spreads the message. Congratulations of picking up on (him, her. them. it).

  2. Living in Sydney I was a regular of REMO from 1988, it was a fantastic store with all sorts of wierd and wonderful things to buy. They closed thier shopfronts a few years ago, but you can still buy through the website. It’s so good to see them getting an international profile, they truly deserve it.

  3. Went to the store many times when it was cnr of Oxford and Crown St. It was always a treasure trove of delights. The website captures much of the essence of quirky and inspired gift items. Part of the genius is that Remo is a real person and some 18,000 or so enrolled customers let the team know what works best so that the whole experience is quite organic.

    Quality is really good and the site is well worth a try.

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