Sightings: Da Vinci Code?

Here’s a follow up to our earlier post on Da Vinci Code:



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6 thoughts on “Sightings: Da Vinci Code?

  1. Another sighting of Moleskines on the screen:

    in Australia at the moment, the ABC network is showing a UK series called Rocketman, starring Robson Green. He’s a working class man who happens to be building a rocket to send his wife’s ashes into space. He uses a Moleskine to draw his plans.

  2. yes! I saw the moleskine in the Da Vinci code! i read about it here and i heald my breath for the moment it came on screen..screw tom hanks! moleskine in the movies! too cool…

    i know it sounds geeky but when tom hanks opened his ‘skine, i felt giddy. lol..ok, enough foolishness for one night. 😉

  3. I think I just saw a moleskine on “Lost.” It was season 3, episode 4, on 10/25/2006. An FBI agent was using a pocket reporter while Sawyer was in prison. I didn’t get a screen shot.

  4. Just sighted a Moleskine on History Channel’s Expedition Africa. Benedict Allen encounters a new plant and whips out his “survival” Moleskine to put it on paper. Sorry I couldn’t grab a screenshot.

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