Simple Things You Can Do Right Now To Jumpstart Your Writing Efforts


Our friend Jeffrey Yamaguchi of 52 Projects has come up with a list to help you write the next great novel…or start that journal:

"Stop talking about your novel or short story ideas and start writing.
Get in the habit of writing for at least an hour every day, no matter
what. One strategy is to get up an hour earlier than you have to, make
yourself a cup of coffee and completely focus on your writing. Not only
will your mind be fresh, but you won’t be distracted by phone calls,
prime time television or a visit from a friend. The main idea here is
to make writing part of your daily regimen…

Join or form a writing group. This gives you an
opportunity to get your work critiqued, an incentive to complete and
improve your writing, an outlet to commiserate and celebrate with
fellow writers…

Always carry a pen and a journal around with you, to
capture thoes fleeting "brilliant" ideas coursing through your mind, as
well as to note down funny bits of dialogue, real or imagined. Chances
are that if you don’t write it down right then and there, you’ll forget
it completely, or not be able to recall exactly what was so perfect
about it in the moment…"


Image: "my moleskin"
By Fishlamp @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR

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