S.O.S. Moleskine Needed in Orange County


"I continue to be an avid reader of Moleskinerie…great work! 

Do you
happen to know where I might be able to purchase a Moleskine notebook in Orange
County, California? … I’ve ordered mine online in the past…but desperately
need a new one for a project which begins tomorrow (i..e, lunch hour trip is in
order, but my search has not produced any results).



(Thanks Brett for the quick illustration! 🙂

10 thoughts on “S.O.S. Moleskine Needed in Orange County

  1. I bought some Moleskines in San Antonio, TX last fall at a place called (I think) Paradise Pen Co. The salesgirl told me they have a store at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa.

    I don’t know much more than that, but I hope it helps.

  2. I’ve had better luck finding them at art supply stores than stationery/office supply stores. High end bookstores often carry them, but not as consistently as art supply stores. Call around.

  3. The Barnes & Noble in Laguna Niguel has them; that’s where I first discovered Moleskine. They only carry a few varieties, though.

  4. Borders in South Coast Plaza has a limited assortment. Barnes & Noble in Fashion Island did have them, but they are remodeling/relocating within the mall. Barnes & Noble in Huntington Beach has a few selections also.

  5. Great feedback all. Thanks much. I called the Paradise Pen Company at South Coast Plaza…they have what I need in stock! What a great forum this is…

  6. So happy to have found this site! I used a Moleskine notebook on my trip to Italy last summer. I promised my daughters that I would write them daily in the journal about my adventures overseas. My brother and mother who were traveling with me also wrote in the journal. The girls had their own Moleskines at home and they wrote to me too. When I got home, we sat down and read our books together. What a wonderful memento for all of us. I loved my moleskine!

  7. Try Sterling Art Supply in Irvine (18871 Teller Ave. – 949-553-0101). I’ve also seen them at Barnes & Noble across from the Main Place Mall in Orange.

  8. Just found another supplier in South Coast Plaza: Book Soup. It’s an independant bookstore that is a favorite stop of mine on visiting this mall. It’s located next door to the Mont Blanc store so get some ink and paper on the same visit.

  9. Oh thanks for all the suggestions everyone. Googled: moleskin orange county and #2 on the list was this blog. Thanks moleskinerie.com and everyone that posted.

    I need the moleskin by Monday and with so many numbers to call, I’m sure I’ll find one (large sketchbook) by then.

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