The Moleskine 18-month Planner



(July 2006 – December 2007) The weekly notebooks featuring a soft cover.
The week’s appointments at-a-glance on the left, complemented by a page
for notes and ideas on the right. Inside they have 4 timetable pages for jotting
down weekly appointments and lessons and a 30 months long-term planning,
from July 2006 to December 2008.

Pocket size: 9 x 14 cm (3 ½ x 5 ½)
Large size: 13 x 21 cm (5 x 8 ¼)

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RJorgy writes:

"Is there still going to be an 18 month(July 06 – Dec 07) weekly
planner in a softcover red? I read a rumor about it a few months ago,
and now all the 2007 planners are out and I can only find a hardcover
red one…."


"I just bought one today, in Athens, Greece, and came on to write
about it, and saw this question. I assume you can order it, if it’s
already available in some shops.

Anyway, here are my impressions
of it. This inside is the same as what we’ve seen before, except that
there’s a plain lined page to the right of every spread. This looks
very useful, because you can make notes about the week which is on the

This is the first example I’ve seen of a Moleskine
softcover. The cover is very nice, seems very durable, and feels more
like leather than the usual kind. It feels like naugahyde, actually. My
guess is that this kind of cover will be more durable than the
hardcover, particularly at the spine. I’m pretty gentle with my
Moleskines, but the oilcloth, or whatever it is, tends to tear a little
bit at the corners.

The elastic band seems different, too. It’s hard to describe — a bit more elastic?…"

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25 thoughts on “The Moleskine 18-month Planner

  1. Sounds great! I went to the link, but there was nothing to buy. Do you have a link where we can buy it and maybe you get some commission?

    Make some money. You deserve it, Armand!

  2. Hi, received my “Red” 2007 Journal yesterday, and it is gorgeous. It is actually going to be a gift, along with the classic one I bought. I started giving moleskines out as gifts this year.

  3. I received my large 18-month planner today from NinthWave… I *love* it! It’s fantastic, and I wish I could start using it already. 😉

  4. I’m german. here the new 18month moleskine is not to find. but i ordered one yesterday from switzerland. hope the time is fast to receive it.

  5. Hi there.
    For your UK readers/viewers (and there are many): Waterstones booksellers are doing the 18 Month Planners at an introductory price of £9.40 rather than the usual £11.50.

    I discovered this by accident while browsing the reference books section at the Solihull branch. They’re also doing some of the pocket sized books as part of the 3 for 2 offer they have on selected books. I snaffled three pocket sketchbooks there and then.

    Hope this is useful for the UK readers and apologies to the Rest of the World for taking up space.


  6. I just bought an 18 month calendar at The Gardner in Berkeley, California. It is nice but I noticed the cover material seems slightly different than normal (maybe not as thick?) and it is assembled in China. The binding doesn’t seem to have the crisp, normal shape of the notebooks bound in Italy. I hope this isn’t a trend…..

  7. I did a closer inspection of the 18 month calendar and a regular notebook. First the cover is thinner than a regular notebook but flexible and almost leather-like which is very nice. The interior paper is great. The binding, the way it is glued is not as good. The elastic band is weak and not as substantial as the regular Moleskine. That is by far the weakest part of an otherwise good product. I don’t think it would last a year of daily use. The label says “Printed and bound in China-Designed and assembled in Italy”.

  8. I just bought one of these today for two reasons: first, I love the notebooks and second, I lost my regular dayplanner in an NYC cab (and we all know they disappear back into hell as soon as they pull away from the curb). But I have to agree with the above post. The first one I bought had not only a loose band, but pages inside falling out of the binding! (Truth be told, I found the paper a little onion-y, compared to the notebooks. Maybe I’m hallucinating?) I returned it for a replacement and found the second one to also have a loose band, if no loose pages. I worry that in an effort to cash in on the Moleskine hype and demand for new product Modo e Modo is really cutting some corners. So long as they don’t screw up the original books, I don’t really care what new products they come out with. But I do worry that this kind of thing will become the new standard.

  9. I am Italian and I have been using moleskine notebooks since 2000. I think this brand new 18months organizer could be better if the cover was as thick as the other moleskines. I really dont like soft covers for organizers, as they become shitty in my bag.

    I have been using the 12 months organizer for 2 years, but now I prefer to use the classic pocket ruled notebook, as it is more versatile 🙂

  10. I just received my 18 month planner. As a long time Moleskine notebook user and first time planner user I have to write of my disappointment with the planner. The cover and the elastic are limp. I fear that the thing will fall apart in no time. I do like the interior, though. If this product doesn’t do it for me I will ditch it and make my own planner out of a notebook.

  11. I also purchased an 18-month planner and did not care for the soft cover. So I took an old hardcover Moleskine pocket size journal that I was not using and carefully removed the hard cover. I then carefully removed the soft cover of the 18-month planner and did a “transplant”. It turned out great! I now have the best of both worlds!

  12. I bought the red weekly journal, and it is absolutely gorgeous. But I also bought the 18 month, softcover one and it is a disapointment. I can live with the softcover, reminds me of the Volants that I loved. Other’s have mentioned the ribbon being thin, but the worse is the pocket in the back is just a cardboard glued on. It does not have the normal accordion file. What’s with that?

  13. Where can I buy the new 18 months week planner + notebook in Belgium ? I live near 2300 Turnhout ?
    Thank you

  14. I love this planner. The comments about the thin cover, the inadequate back pocket and elastic are well taken but I’m so delighted with the format, I can live with these. I have used a PDA since they were invented, but was never happy keeping my schedule there–too much trouble to look it up and no satisfaction of physically crossing things off my list. Now I just use the PDA smart phone for longterm memory and the paper planner for the short term. The note page on the right is great for meetings, reading notes, names to remember, etc. One worry–will there be an 18-month planner that starts in December 2007, when this one finishes? If they always start in July, that’s going to create a gap or an overlap.

  15. One month later and my 18 month planner is falling apart. Anyone else? I’ve never had a Moleskine product so prone to failure. I’m very disappointed.

  16. I have the same question as alba – what’s going to happen come December 2007? Will we have to get some other calender to tide us over until June 07? I hope someone in Modo e Modo has thought of this!

  17. I love mine still. I’m not having any problems so far with it falling apart, and I carry it in my bag every day. Of course, it’s only been two months, so we’ll have to see how it takes sixteen more months (especially when I start using it for school).

    The layout is what makes it perfect for me. I love having that page on the right to plan things (I use it to budget my money, make notes of things I need to buy that week, jot down phone numbers, etc). I’ve never, ever found a planner as perfectly suited to me as this one.

    So far I like the soft cover, but I can’t help but wonder whether the next time around they’ll make the 18-month planner with a hard cover so it can last that long. I’ll be very sad if (when?) this one starts to fall apart.

  18. Given the difficulty in obtaining these, I thought I’d pass along that the Kansas City, MO (USA) Gold Crowne Store in Country Club Plaza (in the cards and stationary area) has three soft-cover 18 month planners. [There were four, but I grabbed one and hauled it back to Nebraska.] The paper is a bit thin, and I haven’t started using it yet as I loathe bleed-through and am a little fearful of ruining the thing (which somehow makes letting it sit, naked and empty, seem better to me), so I can’t speak to quality yet. But, for anyone in the area, they’re waiting for you!

  19. Où puis-je trouver en Belgique l’agenda/”planner” Moleskine 2006-2007 ?
    Merci pour votre écho.

  20. I have a bunch of pocket sized 18 month moleskine planners that I have available for sale. They’re going for $40-45 on ebay after shipping costs are added on.

    Special offer for moleskinerie readers: $30 including shipping (USPS priority mail)!

    Email me at if you’re interested.

  21. I’ve owned the 18-month Moleskine planner for seven months, and it fell apart yesterday — it’s not like I threw it around or anything; I just carried it around with me everyday in my purse. I’m heartbroken. What’s a girl to do? Is it time to invest in the New Yorker day planner?

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