Arrivals: The New Moleskine City Notebooks

From Modo & Modo in Milan:


It is a pleasure for us to inform you that we will present the new Moleskine City Notebooks at the trade show: BOOK EXPO AMERICA, Washington – May 19 – 21.

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Download BookExpoInvit.pdf

UPDATE: 5.30.06 :


5 thoughts on “Arrivals: The New Moleskine City Notebooks

  1. Oooh, now those notebooks look nice and interesting – need to check them out when they come out…

    Thanks for the news, Armand!

  2. The usual elitist b.s. If you aren’t located on the east or west coast (or in Chicago), you don’t exist. Anybody ever heard of Denver, Houston, Kansas City, Dallas, Atlanta, San Antonio, Minneapolis-St. Paul, just to name a few important cities in what you people refer to as “the fly-over zone”? Bah.

  3. They can’t make one for every city:) Maybe they’ll branch out if they are successful. I imagine that the research that goes into these takes a lot of time and money to produce, if the quality of content will match the quality of construction (which I assume/hope it will).

    It might be hokey, but I grew up in Baltimore and am moving back in a few months, and the idea of a Moleskine guidebook for Washington has me thinking I ought to explore the neighboring city I ignored through my younger years:) First notebooks to take with us travelling. Now guides. I wonder what other nice inducements to wandering M&M have in store for us:)

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