You are not alone


" It wasn’t until I met up with other writers that I realized I no longer
had to hide my notebook obsession. What joy to discover that others shared the
same desires, the same lustful strolls through the stationery sections, and then
talked about it openly!

I’m so emboldened that I feel I can share another
secret in the belief that you, my blogbuds, will be caring and supportive, that
you wouldn’t for a moment entertain any sort of laughing, snickering, or
ridicule. It’s … my Moleskine Problem…

…I cannot bring myself to do it. I am just not there yet. The very thought
of besplotching those pristine pages with ink, oh! The horror.
It is to weep.
Am I the only one?"

Candace in Dallas

Visit and comfort her.

Image: "Just say A Few Words"
By Lorretine @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR
© All rights reserved

One thought on “You are not alone

  1. Oh, thank you! I don’t know what to say. (sniffle)
    People are telling me to go ahead, mark on the page. Do you think that would be okay? I mean, it’s not like it could undone …

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