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Featured Artist: Sebastian Waters

The first collages for my ‘gluebook’ were created two weeks before the begin of my three month internship at an advertising agency in Dusseldorf.  During these two weeks I arranged twenty pages in my Moleskine ‘gluebook’ just to get “creative”. … Continue reading

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"Everyone has an office desk, kitchen drawer or stationery cabinet full of pens, notebooks and paper pads. Sure, they come in handy at home and work, but how many times have you found yourself on-the-go and in need of something … Continue reading

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Meal Moles: Scotland, France and Malaysia

"A friend from Vienna joins me for coffee, planning with Moleskine trips around Scotland" – Lost in Scotland "Moleskine with Angelina’s Mont Blanc"– Paris Breakfast "The O’Briens sandwiches"– Adibi MOLESKINE-TOTTING FOODIES AND OENOPHILES OF THE WORLD UNITE! The MEAL MOLES … Continue reading

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Orange PARIS, Vivid Purple AMSTERDAM

" I had an orange encounter with Hermés, 2 years ago in Bordeaux. I went in to see the calligraphy exhibit upstairs and then bought a sparkly eye pencil. They gave me a GIP (gift with purchase!) – a wonderful … Continue reading

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Killdeer Copyright

While looking for a print of my favorite bird, I  noticed 2 almost identical images on eBay: 0riginal antique color lithograph that has been removed from the publication Birds of Pennsylvania, published in 1890.  Item number: 7421220542 Originally published in … Continue reading

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The Incredible Shrinking Newspaper

"Whatever you do, don’t mistake the decline of newspapers with the decline of journalism. Much of what we’re witnessing is the delayed right-sizing of newspapers and newspaper publisher and editor egos in the multimedia age. Many papers, the Los Angeles … Continue reading

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The Sartorialist in Milan

"With a keen eye and ever-present camera, Scott Schuman—better known by his nom de blog, The Sartorialist—has developed a loyal fashion world following for his portraits of well-dressed New Yorkers. We decided to turn him loose on the streets of … Continue reading

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Notebook cocaine

Eclipse-watching and Moleskine. Priceless: "Monish took this photo of our happy band of eclipse-companions. Here is Pluvialis and her natty hat. Look, we’ve set up my spotting scope on the base of a broken column. And what you can see … Continue reading

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Closing out a Journal

"I reached the final pages of a beloved moleskine today. Black, like all the others, with off-white pages and a little ribbon marker. This one, I decorated with a white Apple sticker and dubbed it my Mac Book Faux.   … Continue reading

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Reinvention through retail

".. if you sell a bunch of black notebooks that all look the same, how do you announce a diverse product line? You could start with color. Moleskine uses brightly colored paper strips to package each product. And who knew … Continue reading

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