Moleskine GPS

I like gadgets. It’s a weakness. If it has buttons, or even betterlights – then I’m hooked. I’ve wanted a GPS for some time, mostly for the geek value – it’s true.So, I began to look for ways to justify... Read More

had accuracy of a few hundred metres), and has since grown into a
worldwide sport. With a good GPS signal, your location on Earth can be
known to within a few metres.

In the simplest form, someone hides a geocache. Someone else finds them.
The caches could be hidden out in the  countryside, or hidden
(discretely) in a city centre. Just the other day I went into London and
found 13 caches, some in very well trafficked areas.

Caches can be more complex, in a multistage cache a series of clues need
to be solved to discover the final location – and in a mystery cache
research may be needed before you even walk out of the door!

Simple Cache:

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