2007 Pocket Weekly-planner Detail

I bought a 2007 hardcover pocket
weekly-planner yesterday and noticed that the page layout is slightly
different from what I’ve seen pictured online. See, for instance, the
top right image on this page:



And the top image here:



the online images, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday get nine lines
each; Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, eight. In the 2007 planner that
I bought, every day gets eight lines, and there’s a larger top margin.

Checking the calendar dates confirmed that the online images (at least the ones I’ve seen) are of the 2006 pocket weekly.

So if someone opens a new planner and wonder why it doesn’t look like what’s online, well, that’s why.

I’m sure you’ll agree that these details are *not* trivial.  : )


Michael Leddy

3 thoughts on “2007 Pocket Weekly-planner Detail

  1. What I REALLY want (are you listening Moleskine makers?) is for them to put Monday to thursday on one page and Friday to Sunday on the other – I don’t do much on a week day except go to work – theres never that much to record on those days – but on Friday night and the weekend, thats when I do all my fun stuff that I want to write loads about – I need more space for the weekend not less!! – it would be wonderful if they did two layouts – one business with the current layour and one social with more space for the weekends

  2. I had in mind the photos of the pocket weekly — the one in the top right corner on the Ninth Wave page and the photo at the top of the MoleskineUS page. I’m not sure that even Superman could figure out the dates on the illustrations. : )

  3. Am I the only one in the world that hates the new format? I loved the week in vertical view and it made it so much easier when I travel to figure out where I would be and when my appointments are blocked out.

    The new format is just like any other planner.

    Boo I say.

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