Notebook cocaine

Eclipse-watching and Moleskine. Priceless:


"Monish took this photo of our happy band of eclipse-companions. Here is
Pluvialis and her natty hat. Look, we’ve set up my spotting scope on the base of
a broken column. And what you can see there, on the ground, is us in the process
of focusing an image of the sun onto my Moleskine notebook. Which is exactly
what Van Gogh, Hemingway, Bruce Chatwin or Céline would have done, if they’d
wished to project an eclipse onto a flat surface.

Yep, Moleskine
notebooks really hack me off. Aaaargh. Have you reached the Moleskine Event
Horizon yet, where you are? Maybe it’s a curse of academic towns. I don’t think
you can get them anywhere else. Moleskine parasitises insecure writers and
academics. Every bugger in Cambridge has one of these little black books. And
the most irritating thing about all of this is there is reason behind it:
they’re by far the best notebooks around…"

Helen MacDonald