Orange PARIS, Vivid Purple AMSTERDAM


" I had an orange encounter with Hermés, 2 years ago in Bordeaux. I went in to
see the calligraphy exhibit upstairs and then bought a sparkly eye pencil. They
gave me a GIP (gift with purchase!) – a wonderful pendent promoting their new
cologne, Eau des Merveilles. I thought it was filled with water. Then 2 months
ago a french parfumeur came in the store and noticed it. When I said it was
water, she was shocked. Hermés would NEVER put water in their products! She
miraculously opened the stopper I’d couldn’t open for 2 years and I got my 1st
sniff of this delicate fragrance…."

Carol Gillot
paris breakfasts


Mk0"I’ve been a Moleskine freak for several years after discovering this
addictive little black notebook at a paper goods store in New York. How could I
resist their simple marketing line: “The legendary notebook of Hemingway,
Picasso, Chatwin.” And me!

I filled my first Moleskine with deep thoughts at a café in Paris so I
didn’t feel quite so lonely eating alone. I bought my second Moleskine with a
vivid purple cover at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. I really wanted a yellow
one (suggestive of Van Gogh’s sunflowers) but a colleague beat me to it. I have
since tried to find the yellow one online. But alas, the colored covers seemed
to be a Van Gogh Museum exclusive…until recently…"

"Make Mine Moleskine"
Mimi @ Pocket Change


5 thoughts on “Orange PARIS, Vivid Purple AMSTERDAM

  1. When I visited the van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the first thing I did was going to the gift shop to grab a yellow silk covered pocket Moleskine! Of course, it was the last one and they had no more in stock. That notebook is full now and my next one is black. Its cover cannot compare to the previous one but at least, it has all the superb qualities I have come to appreciate so much in this notebook.

  2. Borders has a deal going with company. I think it was called papercraft. They had a small store inside borders, and they had imitation Moleskines. They had Blue, Black, and Orange. They are nice, but the paper felt more like card stock then your average Moleskine.
    Heck the only reason I looked was I wanted a sketchbook replacement
    for my old one

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