Reinvention through retail


".. if you sell a bunch of black notebooks that all look the same, how do you
announce a diverse product line? You could start with color. Moleskine uses
brightly colored paper strips to package each product. And who knew there were
so many types of people taking notes? There is a unique color for music
notebooks, Japanese notebooks, lined, blank, squared, sketch, address, diary,
reporter and storyboard notebooks. A lot of colors, yes. But if you are buying
one for your brother the music student, you know to go straight for the

This makes the display simultaneously lively and clean. No crazy
retail devices are needed – just a solid white stand. I know color-coding is an
in-store trend, and that there’s always this backlash reaction of, "It adds to
the clutter." But Moleskine has managed to use up to 10 colors at retail, and I
see no cause for alarm…"

" Reinvention through retail"
By Sara Cantor
The Curious Shopper


© 2006 SC

One thought on “Reinvention through retail

  1. Speaking of the neat black and banded color displays of Moleskines, this past weekend, I was asked by the owner of a local stationary store to create several two-page spreads of artwork in a large Moleskine sketchbook. She plans to display the journal, propped up so that it’s sort of spilling open with creativity, in the shop window in front of her new display of Moleskine journals. She wisely perceived, though being new to the Moleskine craze herself, that while people who already knew and loved the journals would need no flashy advertisement to know what they were, people who were unfamiliar with the neat black rectangles might need some encouragement to see the potential in them.

    (The store owner asked me based on seeing my pocket Moleskine sketchbook, and I’m embarrassed to say, purchased my services with nothing more than some praise and a gelato. Perhaps I’ll get a free Moleskine out of it; she did supply the large sketchbook that will be displayed in the window. I’m doing my best to represent a variety of mediums while making the artwork colorful and enticing.)

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