Blog or Journal?


"If you are like me, the process of defining what constitutes an artist
journal for you has been a difficult one. What should it be? Morning pages,
writing, drawing, photos, a diary of private thoughts? Should it be the place to
put your angst or your joy or both?

I think what blocked me for most of my life is that I have never wanted
to give physical reality to my dark thoughts. Whenever I would try, I would
never return to that particular book again, not wanting to revisit sad moments
or problems. I know it helps some people to work things through this way, but
I’m not one of them.

The joyful moments, however, are something else again. My biggest joy
is exploring: places, thoughts and ideas. And I like to go back and revisit
those moments – because I forget about them (mental pause) and can get excited
all over again – and because they are even more interesting from whatever
perspective I find myself on that future visit. So, that’s what my journal
contents should be.

Once you climb over the “what should I put in it?” block, you must face
the “what should I put it in?” block…"

Mksummer_1"Blog or Journal – Is There A Difference?"
Artist Journal
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4 thoughts on “Blog or Journal?

  1. I am looking for some type of a book cover with a zipper that can carry a Moleskine large notebook, plus colored pencils or pens. The author of the above “blog” post used a Mead Five Star case that had formerly housed a notebook, but I am having trouble finding same online.

    I’m open to suggestions…Thanks!

  2. I’m with you Debbie! I have no desire to write out and revisit the sad and the bad. I journal the joy instead! Ahhh, much better!
    Happy Sketching!

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