Brilliant Idea: Oyvind Solstad


"I wish more books came with blank pages. More space for notes. Books like
“Blink” and “Freakonomics” – books that triggers tons of ideas as I read

Maybe Moleskine could do some research: Which books would be popular
with their biggest fans? Wouldn’t it be cool to have “Blink” with the Moleskine
black binding, and lots of extra blank pages? Two extra blank pages after each
big idea. Six extra pages after each chapter. And tabs included to mark those
special pages. I would buy it…"

Oyvind Solstad
Visit his blog, "Brilliant Days"

Photo: ABF

2 thoughts on “Brilliant Idea: Oyvind Solstad

  1. And tracing paper plus a combination of ruled and blank pages for drawing and comments. Include a birthday/anniversary list and I’ll buy it!

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