Creating a nifty companion to Moleskine Memo Pockets

Moleskinerie pal Dmitri Popov shares his Memo Pockets mod:


Moleskine Memo Pockets is great for storing receipts,
papers, business cards, etc. But you can also put it to some other
creative uses. For example, since the notebook consists of six pockets,
you can use it to store and manage flash cards, effectively turning it
into a nifty memorising tool. You can, of course, make flash cards
manually, but why bother if you can create a simple tool–let’s call it
Memo Pocket Companion–using The following description
assumes that you are familiar with Base and Writer.

Memo Pocket Companion consists of two modules: a Base database,
where you keep the flash card data, and a Writer label sheet, which is
used to print flash cards.