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I take my Moleskine everywhere I go; it’s the perfect size. I lost my
purse once and didn’t care about the money or credit cards; I just
wanted my Moleskine back. I’m almost finished with my first one. I have
another one ready to go but it’s hard to part with the one that’s
filled up. I read the following on “Wally Torta’s” Blog “This marks the
last sketch in my Kavanagh Edition Moleskine. And it’s depressing me. I
felt special when I was carrying it around.” I hadn’t thought about it
but I could totally relate.

I usually use a Bic pen. It’s my favorite because it works like a
pencil but I don’t have to sharpen and I can get real dark darks but
light sketches as well. I wish they made them acid free. I usually draw in church, which probably doesn’t seem right but I
really do pay attention better if my hands are moving. There are such
wonderful folks sitting fairly still for a whole hour, how could anyone
NOT draw them? My favorite is to draw people but old detailed
architecture comes in second. I took one of my classes to a coffee
house to draw. There were some wonderful characters and interesting
furniture. We spent about an hour and came out with incredible drawings
to share. I figured that would be about what heaven was like
Lori Mitchell

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