Featured Artist: Amanda Kavanagh



I have to admit, it was not exactly love at first sight with my first Moleskine sketchbook. I hated the way it took (or rather, didn’t take) watercolor. But I soon noticed that it was forcing me to loosen up and get messy. I found a whole new style emerge that was much moreinteresting.  I started mixing watercolor, gouache and acrylic,  pencil and bleedy pens, date stamps and wine stains and ticket stubs.Unlike my handmade journals with their carefully selected papers, thereis something compelling about the Moleskines ‘unpreciousness’.  Ittakes the pressure off  and offers the freedom to just play around. Ikeep several books going at the same time, large and small, includingthe new watercolor sketchbook. These pages have become a record of mydays rather than ‘works of art’. And since I don’t keep a writtenjournal, these sketchbooks are very important to me.

-Amanda Kavanagh

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