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The first collages for my ‘gluebook’ were created two weeks before the
begin of my three month internship at an advertising agency in Dusseldorf. 
During these two weeks I arranged twenty pages in my Moleskine ‘gluebook’ just
to get “creative”. The following seventeen collages (until now, June 21^st ) 
were made up at the weekends  or in the nights after work.

Inspired and motivated by the works and collages of a friend of mine,
Patrick Beser
and other artists portfolios and I tried to create
my own works with or without statements and hope to learn and get better by
doing further on. For the collages I  use newspaper articles, cutouts and
snippets from magazines, my Moleskine (small sketchbook) as gluebook and some
Some of the works have a primary statement, others are just ‘art’, nonsense
or ‘dada’. In addition the titles of the collages  often – not always – play  an
important role, because they lead the viewer’s mind to other aspects and views 
and might give the works a completely new direction.
In the end the gluebook stuff  is in fact just a spare time job for

Sebastian Waters

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