Field Notes from the Tropics

You can almost hear the howler monkeys on this one:


"  My trusty Moleskine notebook is always in a handy pocket; extra-thick paper
works really well for quick sketches and notes. Here’s a morning list and a
record of my first really good look at a Black throated Trogon. Back view, of


I’ve used Moleskine sketchbooks from Panama to Rome with enjoyable results. I can work both sides of the paper, it holds up
to tropical humidity, and it’s the perfect special volume for sketching
the Sistine Chapel.

Debby Cotter Kaspari
Field Notes from the Tropics


Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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3 Responses to Field Notes from the Tropics

  1. Alice de Sturler says:

    Fantastic drawings! Loved the pictures too. Been in Rome many years ago. Hope you got to enjoy the rest of the country too. If you love the arts and architecture in Rome, visit Florence and Venice too. Keep sketching!

  2. j says:

    this is wow! im jealous! 😉 what kind of fontain-pen did u use for drawing the trogon-bird in the upper photo? i made the experience that the ink shine through the paper (very annoying). can you give a advice for choosing the right fountain-pen?

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