Moleskine duct tape pen holder

Here’s a quick and easy way to add a pen holder to your notebook:


"The one thing missing from my Moleskine was a pen holder. I made this
one from black duct tape, and it looks pretty authentic. Not rocket
science I know, but I am pleased with it."

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4 thoughts on “Moleskine duct tape pen holder

  1. chreotech from eBay UK sells something similar, I just bought one & I’m looking forward to trying it out.

    Picture here:

    Text here (edited slightly):

    Automatic Pencil with Holder suitable for use with your Moleskine Pocket Notebook…)

    Now you can carry a pen or pencil with your favourite pocketbook…The holder is thoughtfully designed and carefully made

    > Adjustable – to fit most popular writing instruments (instructions supplied)
    > Flexible, durable and strong
    > Integrated – complements the look and feel of your Moleskine
    > Turned edge – no raw edges visible
    > Unique laminating sheet – makes this holder…
    > Easy to fit – securely attached inside back cover
    > Re-positionable – for a snug fit when notebook is held closed
    (e.g. by the Moleskine elastic band)
    > Removable – without damaging your notebook
    > Transferable to a new notebook – when your notebook is full
    Technical information

    The pencil holder is made from … Duck Tape ® – is cut and assembled into the final product. The pencil holder is removable and re-usable, provided it is mounted on a stable (e.g. solid plastic or plastic-laminated) surface – laminating sheet supplied

  2. Wow – he is charging $10 for them. I clearly missed a trick there! I’m not sure I would have the nerve to charge for something that take 5 minutes to make yourself.

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