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"Hello little book. You are new. And empty. And powerful. You are a
dream yet to be revealed. An adventure yet to be had. You are a friend
yet to be made. A kiss yet to be tasted. You are a world undiscovered,
waiting to be explored. You are a story. A memory. A hope. A wish. An
observation. You are a life. You are my life. Waiting to unfold between
the quiet, cream pages. You don’t speak yet. But in time. You are my
life. You are my Moleskine."

A, United States – 14 June 2006

Lovemarks, where Moleskine is currently #10 (of 200)

Here’s a thought from Harold Thompson:

"One day while thinking about all this pen and ink stuff in the midst of the digital age and interesting thought crept into the picture. Simply it was this; when we pass on it is likely that those we leave behind will pore over our notebooks more intently than our hard drives with all those obscure file names…

When I started out there were no computers, cell phones, pda’s and the like. It still feels
good to put pen to paper."

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  1. Wow. I am the “A” of the Lovemarks comment. It was a wonderful surprise to make my daily visit this afternoon and discover my writing here. I’m honored, keep up the good work with the site. It’s a gem.

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