This is one of the wackiest Moleskine art I’ve seen so far:



"LET THE GREAT COW HUNT COMMENCE!  A sketch hunt, mind.  Right now, there’s 94 cow sculptures all around Edinburgh as the city is blessed with its own Cow Parade.  With each one illustrated and customised by all sorts of artists and groups, it’s quite a visual treat and as such very photogenic.  Little chance that I could take photos of them better than others… but I can sketch them.  Why?  Mainly as a self-imposed challenge – to find and draw each cow before time runs out, even though some are located outside of the city and even the city-based ones are scattered all over the shop.  It means I’ll have to find a way to draw (with watercolour pencils) a massive range of colours and designs on location, with no cheating by working from photographs.  Using a fold-out Moleskine sketchbook means that eventually all the cows will be drawn on one long unfolded sheet of paper – if I get them right, that should look pretty sweet…Milk it!"



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