Networking with Moleskine

Mkl_1"I’m somewhat notorious for writing notes during conversations. I keep
‘minutes’ in a little black book that I always carry with me. I can’t help it! I
love learning from people, and I don’t trust my memory. I want to be able to get
back in touch with people so that I can continue interesting conversations, and
I want to be able to introduce people to other interesting people so that I can
listen in on _their_ conversations and learn even more. =)
My Moleskine notebook is the perfect size for my conversation notes. The
back flap is great for storing business cards and index cards. I’ve numbered
every other page, which makes it easy to keep an index at the back of page
numbers and contents. This was really handy when I used my Moleskine to keep
lists of random things. Now that I’m using it for more chronological notes, I
don’t need to update the index that often.
I start the day by writing the date. Throughout the day, I scribble down
names of people I talked to and what I talked to them about. If I need to follow
up with someone, I add a star and a note about what to say. Action items also
get stars – anything I need to do or write. =)
I love having a record of the conversations I’ve had and the people I’ve
met. I hate just having names and contact information in my address book. I’d
rather having stories and vivid memories of people! This also forces me to
listen better and interact more deeply with people, because I have to be able to
write down at least one interesting thing about them. =)"

Sacha Chua
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[via Leslie Russell]

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