Notes on Travel with a Moleskine Journal


"…a brief example of my moleskine notes from Nicaragua. I believe in compacting all my travel details, notes, photography concepts, and guidebook details into one compact place, for simplicity and light weight. This is the result of our ‘travel organization’ compacted into a card deck."

Erik Gauger
Notes on Travel with a Moleskine Journal

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All images © EG. Used with permission


Greetings to our friends in Marlia, Jaipur, Rajasthan, El Coatante, Juneau,AK, Ha Noi, Kingston Upon Hall, Tillsonburg, Barbados, Cardiff, Cairo, Yekaterinburg, Lagos, Bronx, NY, Jawa Timur, Minsk,  Villy-en-Auxois, Mozambique,  Riga, Tirol,  Magallanes Village, Kunming, Dusseldorf, Baukstininkai, Bourgas, Ghana, Andalucia, Yamagata, Tortozendo and Managua.

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5 Responses to Notes on Travel with a Moleskine Journal

  1. James says:

    What type of “coloring” medium was used in your drawings? It’s lovely!

  2. Tajo says:

    Wow, that was great. I really enjoyed seeing that. Are you using a pocket sketchbook? And is that watercolor? Wonderful. Thanks.

  3. Erik says:

    Hi all – thanks for your awesome comments. I am using the smaller size pocket sketchbooks (the blue label ones)…I use a Micron 005 pen (I attach three of them to the top of the moleskine, as sometimes one or two explode in the plane. I use a tiny watercolor palette which i put in a plastic bag either in my camera bag or, sometimes, even in the little moleskine pocket. I carry a small watercolor brush in the plastic bag. Thanks! Erik

  4. Adam says:

    Very nice, I really enjoyed reading your ‘Eyes of the West Indies’ and seeing your Moleskine notes. I’m really trying to loosen up my style when it comes to notes and my acrylic paintings. I’m usually so uptight about my stuff, and given that the perfection I look for is typically unattainable – unless I happened to be a color laser printer or something – I usually end up either not starting at all or over correcting and ultimately destroying what it is I was working on.

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