A Year in Japan

So how did you come to spend a year in Japan? Did you go there to write  this book? My senior year of college I applied for a post-graduate traveling fellowship. I had always wanted to go to Japan—my father... Read More



Simplessity » A focus on simplicity.A blog about simple things. VISIT…A special shoutout to our friends in Fitzgerald, GA. and its paper, The... Read More


Student Class Planner

Based on David Seah’s neato Printable CEO, and for use by me but who knows, someone might find it useful. Leslie Russell... Read More


Retro Traveller

"I try to make every page interesting to look at, especially when my writing might not be the most interesting to read. I like to collect postmarks from the places I visit. A postmark timestamps my visit and it mentally... Read More


WMP Notebook #1 Simonetta Capecchi

WMP # 1 Arch. Simonetta CapecchiNapoli, ItaliaVisit her website. View the WMP2 Gallery on FLICKR Visit the WMP2 page for updates Greetings to our friends in Holyoke, MA., Ponferrada, Gondomar, Chutung, Perpignan, Rowsley, Kuwait, Lith, Ap Long Phu, Glenboig, Kurdistan,... Read More


George Dunford’s New Scotland Blog

There’s Hieland cows, flings and maybe even the odd haggis chasing. All these and more in George Dunford’s New Scotland Blog. "Guidebooketeer George Dunford searches Scotland to find out what’s worn under the kilt, where to find the best pint... Read More


“PDA buffs go back to basics”

Douglas Johnston:" For techies who have always relied on PDAs to manage their time, suddenly switching to paper can be a “Zen-like experience."  “It’s just as much a novelty to us as it is for analog folks trying digital the... Read More


Featured Artist: Amanda Kavanagh

I have to admit, it was not exactly love at first sight with my first Moleskine sketchbook. I hated the way it took (or rather, didn’t take) watercolor. But I soon noticed that it was forcing me to loosen up... Read More


Creating a nifty companion to Moleskine Memo Pockets

Moleskinerie pal Dmitri Popov shares his Memo Pockets mod: Moleskine Memo Pockets is great for storing receipts, papers, business cards, etc. But you can also put it to some other creative uses. For example, since the notebook consists of six... Read More


Maki, Mac, Moleskine

"My favourite triple M: Maki, Mac, and, of course, Moleskine." By dmpop @ Meal Moles/FLICKR © All rights... Read More