From the mailbox

"My name is Ron Valeri and I’m a songwriter form Holland. Almost every day I take a quick look at Moleskinerie for inspiration. For the past two years I have been working on my album and  the end of it... Read More


Field Notes from the Tropics

You can almost hear the howler monkeys on this one: "  My trusty Moleskine notebook is always in a handy pocket; extra-thick paper works really well for quick sketches and notes. Here’s a morning list and a record of my... Read More


Newton’s Dark Secrets

Sir Isaac Newton, the eccentric genius who helped define modern science, was also an obsessive alchemist……If there’s one word to describe Isaac Newton it is "genius"… Newton’s Dark SecretsPBS LINK [Thanks... Read More


Moleskine at Gather

"words. filler.overly, fabric, the play of the light. Textures, smells, tastes.    write write write. rewrite rewrite rewrite…" Rachel Humphrey@ Gather…Update:Crystal Mohrmann just formed Check it... Read More


Blog or Journal?

"If you are like me, the process of defining what constitutes an artist journal for you has been a difficult one. What should it be? Morning pages, writing, drawing, photos, a diary of private thoughts? Should it be the place... Read More


Eat, Pray, Love

"At the age of thirty-one, Gilbert moved with her husband to the suburbs of New York and began trying to get pregnant, only to realize that she wanted neither a child nor a husband. Three years later, after a protracted... Read More


“When We Were Young”

"Do childhood works by artists reveal traces of their future genius? What can the drawings of gifted children teach the viewer about the relationship between art and society? These are among the questions posed by this provocative show and its... Read More


What is your favorite pen?

Back in February ’05 Elston asked readers about their favorite pens. Since then, the discussion has become one of the longest-running threads at Moleskinerie/FLICKR. Here’s Granny Kass’ response: "I’ve been a pen collector for about 40 years and Moleskine user... Read More


The Mad Professor Digs the Cahier

"As much as I love the classic Moleskine hardbound black journals, the newer, cheaper, cahier [kaa yáy] version is even more lovable. The raw brown cover begs to be gocco’d, silkscreened, stamped, and stickered, and the last 16 sheets of... Read More


Can’t wait until the 26th!

As you may know, the new moleskine (6 months + 2007) weekly notebook starts next week. I’ve owned mine for about a month and have not been able to use it… until now. I basically found that one week before... Read More

– Wired Dude Dave
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