Prompts: Brushes with Fame


"While we waited for a table in the crowded bar area, the
restaurant’s manager (an old pal of mine) walked over with a bottle of
Barolo, three glasses, and a plate of three slabs of bruschetta adorned
with melting slices of lardo. “A little something on the house,” he
said with a smile, knowing exactly why I was there. I was feeling good.
Mom was beaming. And so we huddled in the corner and wolfed down creamy
cured pork fat with copious sips of the delicious wine, hardly saying a

And then it happened.

I glanced up at Lisa, who was staring over my shoulder toward the
dining room, eyes wide and smiling. But before I could turn around, a
sheath of perfectly straight, Pantene-shiny blonde hair was passing me
and I heard Lisa gasp. Then, as if in slow motion, the blonde leaned in
toward Lisa and they reached out and held each other’s forearms for
what seemed like 10 long seconds.

Lisa said, “How are you?” with such deep feeling, I figured this was an old friend she hadn’t seen in years.

The blonde said, “I’m okay, I’m okay.”

And with that she walked out, followed by her entourage of three hot bodies, not one of whose lovely faces I ever beheld…"

Brushes with Fame: Jennifer Aniston by Anthony Giglio
SMITH Magazine